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Irish Pub goers bring their own entertainment

UKULELE Tuesdays -There’s another one that we can add to the list of uses for our much beloved Irish pub.

Every Tuesday, upstairs at that well-known Dublin city centre watering hole, The Stags Head, they hold a session that they simply call ‘UKULELE Tuesdays’… basically a modern version of the old ‘come-all-ye’ – bring your instrument, if you can play, you can join in. And enjoy the craic.

But these guys are not too shabby. In fact, listening to them jam its obvious that they take the instrument pretty seriously. The sound of 20 ukuleles banging away at a well known and well loved tune might not be to everyone’s taste, but Mark Mangan, one of the regular ‘Ukelele Tuesday’ attendees, posted a video to YouTube that will get a whole new audience for the the much maligned instrument.

Feast your ears on their version of Talking Heads, Psycho Killer and let us know what you think.



Slight variation on the ‘BYOD’ Rule

As pubs around the country seek to find new clientele and attract custom from ‘Generation Y’, the ‘BYOD’ rule; which used to be an acronym for ‘Bring Your Own Drink’; and now translates as ‘Bring Your own Device,’ seems to apply.  I don’t know however if the definition of a device was meant to extend as far as a ukulele, as in the case of the Stag’s Head, but it’s certainly a novel way for publicans to reinvigorate their establishments.

Is this the new look Irish Pub? Maybe the rule should be, ‘BYOE’, ‘Bring Your Own Entertainment”. Certainly has a very Irish-sounding ring to it. Your round ‘me BYOe’S’!!!


How good are they?

So how good are they? Just for comparison’s sake, check out the original version of Psycho Killer,(Stop Making Sense) by Talking Heads, below, and compare with the Stag’s Head version.



If you want to join the ‘Ukulele Tuesday’s’ fun,  you can find information on their FaceBook page at

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