Rural publicans discuss the the issues.

Pic of newspaper article

Financial Times Article from January 2012 predicting mass closures and heavy job losses

According to an article published in the Financial Times newspaper in January 2012, ‘almost 1,000 pubs have closed since the Celtic Tiger economy peaked in 2006 and publicans warn that a further 5,000 jobs will be lost during 2012.’

But the reality today is that Irish social habits have changed irreversibly. With the recession, people are spending less; the smoking ban and new drink driving law has meant that more people are drinking at home and not venturing out to their local anymore.The knock-on effects can be seen in every town, village and city the length and breath of the country.

The professional body that represents rural publicans, the ‘Vintners’ Federation of Ireland’, VFI, held their annual general meeting in Trim, Co. Meath in May where they discussed the deepening crisis in the trade.

Some of their members were interviewed by RTE Radio 1 for Pat Kenny’s Radio Show on the morning of their AGM, and they weren’t pulling any punches. The podcast of the show can be downloaded here at

or you can listen directly to it here Pat Kenny – Vintners Radio 1

Barman pulling a pint.There is real anger among publicans that the government’s inaction in the face of a huge ongoing crisis is costing thousands of jobs and will eventually lead to the demise of the Irish pub as an entity in its own right. Publicans Jerry O’Dea and Pat Gilmore told the Lunchtime programme on Newstalk about the problems being experienced. One startling fact is that when broken down on a weekly basis, the job losses experienced by the trade is roughly equal to around 38 jobs a week.

You can listen to the show here



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